V... for Virality

Strategize, Setup, Launch, Go Viral

V, stands for Virality. E, stands for us.
We have been working on building Viral Campaigns
(ideation, setup, building custom ones)

So what is this Place?

ViralityExperts.com is a gateway in which we can communicate with you and share our expertise.
We are Engineers, we are Marketeers, we are Entrepreneurs. We are you!
Below you can find a brief intro on what you will be able to find here in the near future:

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We also provide consulting services on how to create your Referral Campaigns.

How we work


Virality can apply in all the stages of a venture (i.e. prelaunch, launch, early traction, growing etc). The stage of the company will define the main goal of the campaign I need to build. It could be meant for user acquisition (bring your users and convince them to subscribe into my mail list or subscribe to my service) or user retention (make him return in order to avoid churn).


There are a lot of tools and viral platforms in the market. Each one supports different verticals and has different feature-set, based on the particularity of the use cases it covers. Besides the features of each platform another important factor is the velocity of implementing it, abilities to integrate with my own web or mobile app and also the level of support it provides. Our selection criteria include a scorecard where all these are put together to create a unique suitability score. Don’t trust your guts, trust your metrics.


We will help you select the proper campaign for you business. We will answer together all questions around the viral campaign (that will become afterwards parameters of the system):
- What’s the periodicity of the campaign (lifecycle, months, weekly, recurring, one-off)?
- What are the rewards to be given (points, discount percentage, discount coupons or something other?)
- Which systems need to be integrated (commerce site, mobile app, couponing or loyalty system, emailing, etc)?
- When will the reward will be attributed?
- What’s the detailed use case and how you should be answered in various customer’s inquiries
- What’s the terms and conditions for the specific campaign to be implemented


You now have selected & subscribed to a tool selected which needs to be configured in order to be tailored for your specialised needs. Few of the tasks to be performed are:
a) configuration and testing of APIs
b) Definition of the copywrites
c) Deployment of the landing page explaining the campaign
d) Compose the documentation for users and end-customers
e) Compose the email templates and various sharing options
f) Continuous monitoring and optimization post-going live